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Poker Spielen American poker 2. Beste 10 000 spiele site! Detaillierte Bechreibung in deutsche Sprache! Nach Genre sortierte Browserspiele. Alles kostenlose Poker Spiele! American Poker 2 - Jocuri miniclip, jocuri multiplayer, jocuri android si jocuri iOS New customers only. Minimum deposit £20, maximum bonus £200. Wager american poker 2 oyna 40x before withdrawing. Game weighting applies. Max bonus betting limit – slots: £5, other games: 10% of bonus amount. This is video poker machine in style of American Poker Game. It is free game, but you can purchase some coins to support us. Game contains no ads, because we hate advertisements in games. Our games will be without ads forever. This game is from latest 90' but we add some new graphics. Have fun with American Poker.'s game information and ROM download page for American Poker II (bootleg, set 2) (MAME).

Poker has come a long way thanks to the internet revolution. Games like American Poker 2 have changed the industry.

Players who want to take up a game have to go online and find a website which gives them access to poker games.

The number of sites from all around the world will surely leave players with some decisions to make.

All the variations of poker are available to play online, and you can play against humans or computers to test your skill.

The days of having to move to play a game of poker physically are long gone.


‘American Poker 2’ is a game developed by StarGames Casino and is one of the most enjoyable and simple games available at the moment.


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American Poker 2: Simple and fun

Visiting the StarGames website will give you the option of playing the game, once you register yourself on the site.

Remember once you do decide to play the game, you look up the ‘bonus’ feature to get some goodies.

The game itself is no different regarding playing rules, the one significant difference from other games online is that you are up against the computer.

Most websites allow you to play live games against human opponents.

American Poker 2 pits you against the machine, which means that trying to bluff in this game does not make any sense.

The objective of the game is to end a game with the best hand compared to your opponent.

The gameplay is easy also; you get five cards dealt with you.

Unlike most poker games online, no cards dealt face down.

You get all the cards face up to help you make decisions faster.

The cards are then left for you to decide on.

You need to select the cards you want to play with. The rest of them discarded and replaced with new cards.

You have the option to either increase the betting amount or decrease the betting amount thanks to easy + and – buttons available on display.

This betting once done brings you your cards, so that is a critical facet of the game.

The amount you bet is essential, and that decides what kind of game you would play when you get the cards.

Bet Max

Bet Max is an option before you get your cards.

This option ensures that the amount you bet is the maximum available based on your current bankroll.

American Poker 2 Online

Posizione cut off poker card game. This game is one of the best to start your poker journey with.

BetMax has no major flashy animations or great videos.


It is simple in its presentation and in how the animations take place.

That is one of its most significant features as well as a downside.

While new players can concentrate and understand what goes on in the game; thanks to the minimalistic approach, for seasoned players, this is not good.

Lack of Visuals

Professionals who make a living playing online poker will be disappointed with the lack of visual presentation like some of the other games.

This game is ideal for those who want education about playing poker.

There is no massive pressure to perform. As you are against a computer and not intimidating professionals like in most other games.

American Poker 2 Oyna Online

The game is easy to pick up and hard to give up. It is addictive, which is the hallmark for any online poker game.

Professionals would look away from this game thinking it is somewhat gimmicky or too easy for them. But that would be an incorrect statement.

The game’s design might be comfortable on the eye. But this is a perfect way to pick up on those one-on-one games of poker.

American Poker 2 Oyna Download

The configuration and rules of the game might be different, but that is the beauty of the game.

How to win the game

As on the StarGames website, they have thankfully listed down the ways to win the game against the computer.

To win a round, you must try to get these card combinations:

  • Five of a Kind: The easiest way to win the game, if you have five cards which are of the same value.
  • Royal Flush: The same suit of cards which contain these precise cards 10-J-Q-K-A
  • Straight Flush: Five cards which are of the same suit but in sequential order and does not fall into the above two categories
  • Four of a Kind: Four cards in your hand which have the same value
  • Full House: This condition includes all five cards with three cards of the same value and two cards which are the same value. For, eg, three 5’s and two 9’s
  • Straight: Five cards of any color but in a sequence
  • Three of a Kind: This includes three cards of the same value
  • Two Pair: This consists of two sets of cards which are of the same value. For, eg, Two 4’s and two 3’s
  • Jacks or Better: This includes any pair of cards which are of high value; like a couple of J’s, Q’s, K’s or A’s


American Poker 2 Online Kostenlos

It is important to note that having a pair of cards which are lower than jacks are not taken up as winning hands during gameplay.

When you do play the game, any card combination which would help you win is displayed on top of your hand.

The rules are pretty simple when playing this game but it is an addictive game and not too easy for all.

Do not let the low-end graphics or the lack of a real player up against you fool you.

American Poker 2 is a great way to pick up the game of poker. You can even try out your one-on-one skills. The smooth graphics do make you nostalgic about the 90’s and the 8-bit games.

American Poker 2 just proves that a good game does not require a lot of high-end graphics. What is important is the game itself and that is perfect for almost any player.