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The Death of Blackjack and What Games Are Replacing It If casino operators are serious about marketing to a more sophisticated generation of gamblers – millennials – there’s clearly room to.

Since 1981, Arnold Snyder's Blackjack Forum has been the leading trade journal for professional gamblers. Now the tradition continues online.

Blackjack Forum Online exists to help players make money gambling with an advantage. All the information provided here is free.

You will find there is a big difference between the kind of gambling advice you get from professional gamblers, and the kind of advice you get from 'experts' who make their money selling systems and books and don't risk their own money at the tables. We would like you to know that you really can make money from gambling, even make gambling your profession, if you choose.

If your main interest is relaxing and playing blackjack online then a great site is They have been following the trends in online play and provide reviews of the different popular real money blackjack games available. Live blackjack online has also rapidly become a favorite of both professionals and recreational players.

Win at Blackjack With or Without Card Counting

Players who want to know if they could become winning blackjack players should start with A First Year of Card Counting, a realistic and funny account of card counting as a part-time avocation.

Card-counting is not the only way to beat blackjack, but it's the first step toward the advanced strategies professional gamblers use to make a lot of money at the game.

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Players who want to start learning how to win at blackjack should start with our Intro to Winning Blackjack. Once you’ve got a feel for the game and are ready to start practicing your playing strategy (though not card counting) online—we recommend checking out the online casinos at

If you are considering a career as a professional gambler, we suggest you start with our Blackjack Forum Professional Gambling Library, the largest source of honest professional blackjack, poker and online gambling information on the Web.

Inside you will find articles by Blackjack Hall of Fame members Arnold Snyder, Ken Uston, Stanford Wong, James Grosjean, Max Rubin, Peter Griffin, and Richard W. Munchkin, plus interviews with Tommy Hyland, Al Francesco, Keith Taft, Johnny C., manager of the MIT blackjack team, Darryl Purpose and other great blackjack players who have made gambling history.

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There is even info on beating slots, roulette, lotteries and keno—in brick-and-mortar casinos and online—in our library.

Intro to Winning Blackjack
By Arnold Snyder
Blackjack Hype vs. Blackjack Reality
What Card Counting is Really Like
Do You Have What It Takes to Win?
Blackjack Card Counting--Why It Works
Learn Blackjack Basic Strategy
Easy Red 7 Card Counting System
Easier OPP Card Counting System
Free Card Counting Practice Software
The 'Best' Card Counting System

Win Money Playing Blackjack and Other Games at Online Casinos

Yes, they pay. No, I'm not kidding. Some of the best blackjack and gambling opportunities available right now are in the online casinos.

If you are interested in playing blackjack or other games in online casinos, see the Blackjack Forum Win Online section, with our online blackjack strategy and all the how-to info you need to get started. No get-rich-quick baloney. Just the facts about how to win.

Free Blackjack Card Counting Systems and Software: The PowerSim Project

For free easy card counting systems, see our complete instructions for the Easy OPP Card Counting System (the easiest system ever developed) and the Easy Red 7 System (a slightly more difficult but also more powerful system).

For a simple but powerful professional-level card counting system (in fact, the count I use myself), see The Hi-Lo Lite.

ETFan has contributed his open source PowerSim blackjack and card counting simulation software.
PowerSim comes ready to run fast, powerful and accurate traditional blackjack and card counting simulations that provide the information you need for comparing games and card counting strategies,and calculating risk and bankroll requirements, optimal bets, advantage and win rate for a wide variety of blackjack games and rules sets.

The programmable PowerSim is also easily modified by players to run new types of simulations. This has led to simulations of the new and innovative OPP Count for beginning players.


Also free: Download free card counting practice software and Sam Case's blackjack card counting strategy index generator directly below. The strategy index generator produces strategy index numbers for any balanced card counting system. You put in the count values and true count method for any counting system you are researching, and the generator will tell you the true count at which to change your playing strategy. ♠

--Arnold Snyder

FREE Card Counting Practice Software

Download Free Card Counting Practice Software

Free Blackjack Card Counting Strategy Index Generator

Download Free Program for Devising Playing Strategy Index Numbers for Any Balanced Blackjack Card Counting System

Free Programmable Blackjack & Card Counting Simulation Software

To begin:
1. January 11, 2007 Release of PowerSim
2. Download Blackjack PowerSim & Instructions
Free (Version 6, January 11, 2007 upgrade)
3. Install XBasic Free
(For detailed instructions, see the
Instructions.doc in the Blackjack Power Sim

Blackjack Forum Online

4. Download XBasic Documentation Free

Announcing the Release of PowerSim Open Source Blackjack & Card Counting Simulation Software
by ET Fan
The Blackjack Power Sim Project:
The Importance of Free Programmable
Blackjack Simulation Software for Serious Players
by Arnold Snyder

PowerSim: No Compromise on Accuracy
by ET Fan

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