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Buffalo Bill’s Resort & Casino is famous for its 225-foot, 95-mph Desperado roller coaster, which was once the tallest and fastest coaster in the world. The park also features the vertical tower.

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  1. This was one of the world's tallest and fastest coaster when it opened in 1994 and it still packs quite a punch! You can also watch the off-ride video we pos.
  2. The Desperado is so hard coree that it is categorized as a hyper coaster. It is to roller coasters what Frenchman Mountain is to Las Vegas hiking trails. Right from the time that the train pulls out of the gate, it climbs very slowly up to 200 feet, at a height far above the Buffalo Bill's hotel tower (over 14 stories).
  3. Buffalo Bill’s giant, yellow Desperado roller coaster has closed “until further notice,” according to the Primm resort’s website, and an employee who answered the phone said there was only.

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Buffalo Bills Casino Roller Coaster Hours Locations

Reviews 16
  • AirtimesFirst DropComfort

    Looks awesome

  • DurationDisappointing!Dead spotsKranjska gora casino dresscode.

    Okay so this ride used to be very rough, but this ride is smoother than it used to be. However it lacks airtime and intensity. This ride still rattles you and throws you around in some areas but before I would have said this ride is a bad coaster but now I think it’s mediocre. I just wish the airtime could be better then I would like this ride a little bit better. However the ride has been running inconsistently because of how buffalo bills is understaffed and I was the only person on the ride when I rode it so that could play an impact on why I am thinking higher of this coaster now.

  • AirtimesFunRattleDiscomfort

    Desperado is one strange cookie. I feel like the casino must've been feeling a little risky while designing it. Did these moves work out? Eh, kinda. After waiting in your seat for 20 minutes because operations are trash, crest the lifthill and head into the first drop. Lean forward. That's all I have to say. I rode it the first time, back row, bad idea. Don't ride back until they pay YOU to ride it. The back doesn't give any extra airtime, it's just as good in the front and it's a tad smoother. Leaning forward will save you alot of pain. This next turn will absolutely rattle the bones in your body, it's really strong. Then the next part of the ride is my personal favorite. Three triagnular shaped airtime hills. Unlike other hills though, these have more bite. They're more sharp and give a borderline floater-ejector combo. The second half though is incredibly weak. Lots of slow, meandering turns. The only notable part is a decent helix in the fake mountain. Then it ends. Overall, give it a chance when you stop by, just don't excpect an elite hyper like Shambhala or STR.

  • MasterpieceDuration

  • Disappointing!DiscomfortTear it down!

  • RattleTear it down!

  • RattleDisappointing!Discomfort

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Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino
Location Primm, Nevada, U.S.
Address 31700 Las Vegas Boulevard
Opening dateMay 14, 1994; 26 years ago
ThemeOld West
No. of rooms1,242
Total gaming space61,372 sq ft (5,701.6 m2)
Permanent showsStar of the Desert Arena
Signature attractionsDesperado,
Adventure Canyon Log Flume,
Zone Arcade,
Movie Theater
Notable restaurantsDenny's (formerly Tony Roma's)
OwnerAffinity Gaming
Renovated in1995, 2004, 2010, 2015

Buffalo Bill's is a hotel and casino in Primm, Nevada, United States, at the California state line. It is one of the Primm Valley Resorts, owned and operated by Affinity Gaming. It has 1,242 guest rooms and suites. The hotel is home to the Desperadoroller coaster, a hypercoaster with a 225-foot drop and a top speed of 80 mph, as well as a pool in the shape of a buffalo. The hotel-casino has two hotel room towers: the Annie Oakley Tower (the A Tower) and the Buffalo Bill Tower (B Tower). It is named after Buffalo Bill.

The 61,372 sq ft (5,701.6 m2) casino has over 1,700 slot machines, as well as table games, and a race and sports book.[1] Buffalo Bill's is also home of the Star of the Desert Arena, a 6,500-seat arena designed for concerts.[citation needed]


The casino opened on May 14, 1994[2] with 592 hotel rooms, and a new tower was added in 1995.[3]

Terrible's Primm Valley Casino Resorts logo (2007–2011)

The ribbon cutting for the change of ownership for Primm Valley Resorts from MGM Mirage to Herbst Gaming was held at Buffalo Bill's on April 10, 2007.[4]

Herbst undertook a marketing strategy of appealing especially to California Latinos, including the addition of Spanish-speaking dealers, charter bus trips from the Inland Empire, concerts by norteño musician Ramón Ayala, and a Mexican restaurant branded with Ayala's name.[5]

The interiors and exteriors of the casino were used in the movie Top of the World (1997) starring Peter Weller, Dennis Hopper and Tia Carrere. Today the roller coaster is usually running only on weekends.

Buffalo Bills Casino Roller Coaster Hours Magic Kingdom

In March 2019 Cuca's Mexican Food, originally from Redlands, California, opened their first hotel location in Nevada within Buffalo Bill's. This restaurant is an extension of the brand that has 6 locations in the Inland Empire of California.

Tram to Primm Valley[edit]

A tram links Buffalo Bill's to nearby Primm Valley Resort.[6] The multi-car tram was designed by Schwager-Davis to their UniTrak standard. Despite its name, the tram actually runs on two guideways. Each car accommodates 24 people; the four-car trains can seat 96 people with no standees. The system can transport 2,200 people, per hour, per direction (pphpd). An attendant supervises each tram, although the tram is controlled by a computer.

After disembarking at the Primm Valley Resort station, passengers can connect to a free single-car tram across the I-15 to Whiskey Pete's,[7] although the connection takes a walk across the entire hotel.


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