Epiphone Casino Vs Gretsch G5122

Alright, I have serious GAS for a hollow body electric, and have saved up some cash.

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  1. Twice the twang, two times the style. Gretsch presents the double cutaway version of the classic Electromatic G5120 hollow body. No matter how you see it, the NEW G5122 will steal your heart when you feel its body resonate against yours as you strum your favorite chords.
  2. So I'm in a predicament. Today I went with my dad just to try out some guitars and see which ones I liked. Basically I tried a Gretsch Electromatic a.
There are 2 contenders -
Epiphone Elitist Casino Natural
Pro- full hollow body
cheaper price
good size for my frame
apparently great necks, with decent sized frets (I like tall frets!)
P90's? (no experience with p90's)
thin body
Cons - no bigsby as stock, but can be easily fitted?
Gretsch 6120 JR or Tennesee Rose

Epiphone Casino Vs Gretsch

Pro - Hi Sensitive Filtertrons - awesome humbuckers, could use some buckers as have Fender single coils covered
stock bigsby - I am addicted to tremolos after getting JM
build quality? - are they better than the elitist?
a GRETSCH dammit!
Con - cost more
smaller frets?
Hoping to use as a very multi purpose guitar, some jazz picking, lots of rythym work, some leads, mainly clean and also crunchy, sometimes fuzzy.
Can anyone here help add to the Pro/Con lists, and who has experienced both?
Any HELP appreciated!

Over the past year, Gibson has been teasing big updates to the Epiphone line, leading many fans to dream up their own personal wishlists for the famed brand.

Gretsch Electromatic Guitar Review

So when Epiphone announced the 'Inspired By Gibson' series, some commenters were overjoyed to see that Kalamazoo-era headstocks would now be standard on all such models, softening the sharp-edged silhouette of Epiphone's recent output that many thought looked cheap. And still others were happy to see the Made-In-USA Texan acoustic. But some were left wondering, why just 'Inspired By Gibson' models? Why just the Texan? Why not bring back the Coronet, the Wilshire, or other vintage designs from the pre-Gibson era of the brand?

Well, one thing everyone can get behind is a high-quality, US-made Epiphone Casino—which Gibson has quietly unveiled at its booth at the NAMM 2020 show.

Two Made-In-USA Casinos are on display right next to the Texans, one sporting a classy Vintage Burst finish and the other in a Royal Tan. But that's all the available info right now. From what it sounds like from Gibson booth workers, these are brand-new models that almost didn't make it to NAMM on time, so more details such as pricing and availability very much remain to be seen.

Epiphone's biggest fans may yet have unrequited desires for the future of the brand, but this step will certainly be met with a smile—assuming, perhaps, that the Made-In-USA price-point hews closer to the median Epiphone price as opposed to the median Gibson.

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Gretsch Double Cutaway

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Epiphone Casino Vs Gretsch G5120

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