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Jul 28, 2010
Wallkill, NY
2013 VW Golf 6MT
I wanted to post this story for the benefit of fellow JSW experiencing door locking issues
I've had problems with my door locks every since I purchased my JSW used with 155k miles. Three weeks ago, I FINALLY got around to fixing them and unfortunately it wasn't the door wiring harness in need of repair. Three of my door locks have never worked: front driver and passenger, and rear driver side door.
Initially in looking up how to replace the door lock actuators I thought all four doors had a removable exterior door skin. Once these skins were removed you could easily access the door lock actuator.
BUT (maybe I should have known this already)..
As I found out shortly after starting on the rear driver side door, ONLY THE FRONT DOORS on the JSW have removable exterior skins. The rear doors DO NOT have an exterior skin.
So instead of primarily following this how-to:
I had to follow this how-to:
So. How do you replace the locking actuator on the rear door?
1) Remove the interior door panel, and the exterior door handle as detailed in the how-to's above.
2) Disconnect the glass window from the regulator. In order to do that roll the window down (it's nice to have a friend helping out at this point), until you see this white retaining pin(?). Knock this pin out, I used a fat philips head screwdriver.
Once you do this, you've gone to the point of no return, because this pin is now inside the door panel.
Now use some packing tap or something else to hold the window all the way in the upright position, in order to make disassembly easier.
3) Remove the torx bolts holding the metal panel into the door as seen here:
As well as the two triple square bolts holding in the actual locking actuator.
DONT remove the window motor, bc it is holding the window regulator in the correct position to drop the glass into later.
4) Disconnect the speaker and window regulator wires from their respective harnesses and feed the entire wiring harness through the door panel.
5) You should now be able to remove the entire interior door panel as one piece with the locking actuator attached with some flimsy plastic. These plastic pieces are not essential to the reinstallation of the locking actuator, but serve to protect against the theft of the vehicle.
6) Install your new locking actuator either into your door or onto the plastic piece.
7) Reinstall everything in the reverse order you disassembled.
Tips for reinstallation:
1) Make sure you retrieve the white retaining pin for the window prior to reassembling the interior door panel.
2) I found it helpful to put a small piece of tap on the rear side of the regulator where the pin goes back into. It almost serve as a 'stopper' when putting the retaining pin back into the door.
3) Do not close the door until you've manually 'closed' and 'opened' the locking actuator a few times. If you've got a bad part and you close the door, you're now officially up a creek without a paddle. In order to test out the locking actuator the window motor has to be connected. When it's locked and unlocked you should hear a sound from the actuator itself to ensure it's actually working.
4) Once you're done reinstalling everything, and before you have a beer (if you haven't already), you have to reset the auto window settings as seen in the youtube video below.
I know I don't have a lot of pictures, but I wish I had a little guidance when I ventured off and did this job.
If you have any questions let me know, but I am by no means a mechanic.

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